3-Day Cleanse: Post Holiday Cleanup


Are you feeling draggy, bloated, foggy headed? Chalk it up to all of the toxic food and drink you consumed during the holidays.

A 3-day cleanup flush will help you quickly get back to feeling better.

What you get:

You will receive wheatgrass supplements and protein powder to enable you to do a 3 days fast while you also take 5 herbal nutrition 3x each day. The herbal nutrition is a herbal mixture designed to pull toxic materials out of the cells.  You will also, receive seven servings of poop powder which is the “cleaner”.  It will ensure that whatever toxins you pull out of the cells are flushed on out.   (you can purchase an  additional probiotic from people’s pharmacy called “mega spore biotic” which will further improve your digestive system.)  also included are three colonics – the first done the day before you begin the program and the other two are done on the second and third day.