Immune System

Strengthen Your Immune System

Boost your immune system with our strengthening immune system services. Getting sick can turn your world upside down, from the minor cold to more serious immune system disorders which can lead to life threatening viruses. Our services work effectively and safely throughout your immune system to help you improve and strengthen your immune system which will protect you from bacterial and viral infections.

Hypersensitivity Disorders

Research is showing that 85% of your immune system is located in your digestive system. The stronger your immune system is the more likely it can help you prevent complications associated with disease. Every individual has some issues from birth that can affect specific molecules within the body and in turn they can get blocked or even damage the immune system. If a weakened immune system can’t protect your body from minor diseases then it is more likely to have trouble distinguishing between its own body and foreign invaders. Treatment at Lake Travis Wellness Center are designed to improve your digestive system and give your body better strength to deal with day to day life.

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TestimonialsNature's Reckoning: What goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out.

In August, on Friday the 13th, I got this insane idea that I wanted to do a "Body Cleanse/Body Detox".  My thoughts were that I had never really done a complete Body Cleanse and that it could do a Body good.

You see, I'm a Baby Boomer, and I'm fast approaching (or perhaps I'm already there and don't know it or better yet won't admit it...) middle aged-ness.  My thoughts were that I should give my "old body" a good head start as I enter into my Golden Years.  Honestly, I am truly having a hard time admitting that 60 is just a few short years away...

But back to the story...I decided that if I was going to do a Body Cleanse/Detox, that I was going to do it the right way.  I was going to enlist the assistance and guidance of a Health Care Practitioner.  Notice I don't say an M.D. as this is I suppose somewhat of a New Age-y type of thing.  A Holistic type of thing to be more exact.