Gas and Bloating

Help With Bloating And Gas

Stomach bloating and gas can be annoying and at times very painful. General bloating can be a result of poor diet and abnormal eating habits that do not suit your body type.. Lake Travis Wellness Center of Austin aims to offer you an effective solution for stomach gas problems that cause discomfort in your daily routine. By taking care of your bloated stomach, you can avoid that miserable feeling that may keep you from attending business or social events.

Stomach Bloating And Gas Problems

Our gas and bloating treatment is effective and free from any kind of side effects. Our goal is to rid you of the constipation that can cause extending bloating. Lake Travis Wellness Center has an effective solution that is easy and comfortable.. We deploy a full range of services, including colon hydrotherapy, health cleanses, and more.

How Long Does It Take?

Most sessions achieve maximum results in about 1 hour.  If you have had problems for a long time, or are severely constipated, it is recommended that you consider booking three initial sessions Your health is your most precious asset.  Don't igore it! Spend the time necessary to achieve maximum health.

Please call the Lake Travis Wellness Center or contact us online for a free 30-minute consultation. Our number is (512) 825-0226


Nature’s Reckoning: What goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out.

In August, on Friday the 13th, I got this insane idea that I wanted to do a “Body Cleanse/Body Detox”. My thoughts were that I had never really done a complete Body Cleanse and that it could do a Body good.

You see, I’m a Baby Boomer, and I’m fast approaching (or perhaps I’m already there and don’t know it or better yet won’t admit it…) middle aged-ness. My thoughts were that I should give my “old body” a good head start as I enter into my Golden Years. Honestly, I am truly having a hard time admitting that 60 is just a few short years away…

But back to the story…I decided that if I was going to do a Body Cleanse/Detox, that I was going to do it the right way. I was going to enlist the assistance and guidance of a Health Care Practitioner. Notice I don’t say an M.D. as this is I suppose somewhat of a New Age-y type of thing. A Holistic type of thing to be more exact.
I enlisted the services of Karen Million ........The plan was simple, sort of. But it was a plan and I think that is important if you want to succeed at anything, you must have a Plan! I will try to be delicate, but some of this is not pretty….(Pretty is as Pretty does reminds me of a Forrest Gump truism!).

Basically, for 7 days, you drink a ton of cleansing fiber mixture  called Pacha Mama which you can mix with juice.  Since you are cleaning stuff out of your system, you receive supplements to support your body and help the process along.. Not only does Karen provide you with all the supplements, antioxidant drinks, protein drinks, and a wonderful nourishing hot spinach soup to help you stick with the program, she also gives you written instructions so you can maintain a schedule.

Now here comes the FUN part…you have to have a Colonic everyday. I’m not kidding, that is absolutely the crux of “The Big Plan”. Karen does the Colonic at her office and she works weekends to make certain you get your Colonic. She wants to make certain that what you are attempting to cleanse out of your body does not seep back into your body, hence the multitude of Colonics.

I was tired because I am an adrenalin junkie and had to take naps on the 1st and 2nd days, but I treated myself with kindness.  And I stuck with it.. On the 4th day, I started feeling pretty darn good. I had energy, and the next two days flew by.

How you might ask? By making a personal commitment to myself, dedicated to the proposition of Health for Myself. It’s that simple. As a Mother and a Wife, I nuture everyone else first, for once I nurtured me, first!

A bonus was that I lost 6 lbs. in that week. My tummy is now as flat as a flitter, for the first time in a long time, I’m ashamed to say… I felt lighter within my body, and less agitated, less anxious, less willing to argue about who left the toilet seat up (we know who did that, eh ladies?).

I was proud of myself and I think I shall make Body Cleansing/Body Detox an annual occurrence. Only you can make the choice and decide if it is right for you. It was for me!

xoxo, Pamali

(comment from Karen:  I am no longer at that office.  It was nice but got too crowded. And the tiredness usually happens if you have been running for years on adrenalin The name of the syndrome if 'Adrenal Fatigue'".)